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This project was initiated by the Lithuanian Culture Institute, Lithuanian cultural attaché in Italy Laura Gabrielaitytė – Kazulėnienė and Simona Cristafulli – Lithuanian expat and her family.
Simona is a Lithuanian who actively unites Lithuanian community in Italy.

The idea was to connect two cultures – Lithuanian and Sicilian.


Lithuanian apple tree and Sicilian olive tree – both are the symbols of fertility, long life and wisdom in mentioned countries. Within the crown of an apple tree you can find even more symbols that represent Lithuania (also other countries of Northern Europe ) – oak tree leave, pine tree, acorn, snakes, ethnographic spindle. 
Olive tree is also full of classic symbols that represent Sicily – lemons, Trinacria, grapes, cactus and figs. Both crowns of the trees meet, representing two cultures living together and sharing their fruits. 

Mural represents the importance of knowing your own roots – who you are and where you come from, what values do you stand for. Also that different trees can share the same garden and be fruitful.

Photos by: Simona ir Marius Mažikai

Susiję straipsniai: LRT


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